ATLAS 8 TIER 2 KIT - The Salted Earth


$ 999.00
  • Atlas-08 Target 
  • 1 SIRT Pistol w/ Timing Chip. It has Glock ergonomics, and with the Timing Chip installed the laser pulses only once per trigger pull. If you uninstall the timing chip, holding the trigger back will keep the laser on
  • 1 Magnetic Backing for attaching the Atlas-08 to a metallic surface such as Metal Doors
  • 1 Travel Case

The ATLAS 8 is a fully programmable adaptive laser training target, users have full control over the 64 full color pixels and sensor array. The ATLAS 8 can detect red, green, blue, and infrared laser emitters while differentiating between lasers and flashlights to enable true low/no light training scenarios. ATLAS 8 targets are wireless enabled and can be easily deployed in large scale operations to create sophisticated training environments. Metrics can be tracked over time (Coming Soon) providing users with a real data set to track their progress and ensure that they are operating at the peak of their skill set. The on-board rechargeable battery provides for up to 8 hours of training and can be recharged in under 3 hours through either USB or charging cradle. The ATLAS 8 includes a 1/4-20 UNC mount on the bottom of the device for mounting to tripods, RAM mounts, or any standard camera mounts to give you the ability to mount your trainers to suit your individual needs. Training programs can be loaded onto the device and operated via the on-board navigation buttons if operation from a PC/Mobile device is not an option.